Information Stand

Display information clearly at a height that is easy to read.

Well lit Information Stands

Clear, Portable Information

Our Information Stand is ideal for displaying directions, information or instructions at an easy to read 60 degree angle.

The A4 and A3 format works in either portrait or landscape orientation.

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Price: £247.00 (Excl. VAT)

Key Features of the Information Stand

  • Display information, directions or instructions clearly and professionally
  • Works in either portrait or landscape orientation
  • Choice of A4 or A3 format
  • Clear or low-reflect presentations available
  • Height and angle is designed to be accessible to all

Adaptable Stand Display Format

The display can be either A4 or A3, with the ability to switch between portrait or landscape formats, mounted on an upright post with a stable base plate.

Information is displayed with the protection of a clear acrylic cover. A low reflection acrylic version is also available.

Dimensions and Finish

The Information Stand has an overall height of 1120mm (with A4 signage), 25mm diameter upright and 335mm diameter stable base plate. It is available in either stainless steel or PPC grey (a hard wearing baked on finish). The Information Stand comes with a choice of A4 or A3 signage plate. Should you require, additional Signage Plates can be purchased individually.

Useful Tips and Guidelines

Both finishes for this stand are hard wearing and will provide years of service indoors. Whilst the stainless steel version is capable of being used outside, we do not recommend this as the display is not yet hermetically sealed.

What’s included

1 x Upright with Fixed Signage Adaptor
1 x Signage Plate (A4 or A3)
1 x Base
1 x Base Cover
1 x Connecting Bolt
1 x Torx Key (Torx Screwdriver for orders of 3 or more)


Download the installation instructions below or for any questions contact our support team on:

01769 572389


Information Stand

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