Shelf Edge Label Holder

Our Shelf Edge Label Holders are the perfect solution for neatly displaying information in cases.

Shelf Edge Label Holder

Clutter-Free Display

The Shelf Edge Label Holder is our solution for ‘in case’ labelling and is intended to avoid the ‘forest’ of information that so often occurs when there are multiple objects displayed on a shelf. The Shelf Edge Label Holder is extremely versatile and sold in both standard and bespoke sizes.

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Price: £85.00 (Excl. VAT)

Key Features of the Shelf Edge Label Holder

  • Display information clearly and discreetly
  • Will not compete with objects on display
  • Perfect solution for display cases
  • Simple installation
  • Now available cut to order

Clear Information

Visual clarity with the object as the hero of the setting, is once again our goal, and the Shelf Edge Label Holder moves all of the relevant information to a single line along the front edge. Clear and easy to read, and no longer in competition with the object on display.

The Shelf Edge Label Holder fixes to the edge of the shelf and displays information in a 63mm high format that is protected with clear acrylic.

Dimensions and Finish

The Shelf Edge Label Holder is a silver finish anodised aluminium extrusion that comes with a clear acrylic cover. We stock this in 2.4 metre lengths or we can cut it to specific sizes for you.

Useful Tips and Guidelines

The Shelf Edge Label Holder is supplied with hidden clamps that connect it to any shelf up to 10mm in thickness without the need for adhesive. It also works very successfully when simply laid on its back, providing a subtly angled display.

If you have a shelf that is thicker than 10mm, the Shelf Edge can be provided with VHB Tape. This tape is secured to the lip on the underside of the Shelf Edge, allowing you to then fix the extrusion directly to the shelf. Should this be an option that you require, please contact our sales team.

Should you require, additional clips are available to purchase individually.

What’s included

1 x 2.4m length
2 x Acrylic (1.2m x 63mm)
6 x Clips


Download the installation instructions below or for any questions contact our support team on:

01769 572389


Shelf Edge Label Holder

Bespoke Solutions.

Because we manufacture all of our own products, we can tailor them to your exact requirements.

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