Ryman Hanger

The Ryman Hanger is excellent for mounting artworks flat to a wall or from our hanging tracks.

Ryman Hanger in Museum

Simple, Secure and Discreet

The Ryman Hanger is our most popular solution for hanging artworks and is used by an international body of galleries, large and small, that includes The Tate, Getty and MoMA. Designed to attach artworks tight to the wall with no visible fixings, it is easy to install, enables adjustment, and has a choice of three levels of security. The Ryman Hanger also carries the official stamp of approval of the UK's Museum & Galleries Commission.

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Price: £4.00 (Excl. VAT)

Key Features of the Ryman Hanger

  • Ease of assembly
  • Allows flush connection to the wall
  • 'Invisible' - cannot be seen when mounted
  • Choice of sizes to suit artworks up to 200kg
  • Modular components - can work on its own or in conjunction with track systems
  • Secure and can accommodate additional security (if required)

Rymans to Suit All Sizes

Ryman Hangers are sold in pairs and there are three sizes available that will handle artworks from the smallest etchings and watercolours right up to large flat-backed works weighing up to 200kg.

Small Ryman sets work well with lightweight works like etchings and small to medium-sized watercolours. It is also useful for artworks where the timber framing is very narrow as the hanger is a mere 11mm wide.

Large Ryman sets work well for the vast majority of medium to large-sized artworks.

Extended Ryman sets work well for large heavy works, often those with glazing, and where the additional screw fixing points ensure a robust fixing to the frame.

Secure or Very Secure?

For installations where security is not an issue, your artworks can be installed using only the Ryman plates. This will provide all of the strength and adjustability of the Ryman without the added cost of security.

For installations where it is important to inhibit or prevent opportunistic theft, we suggest you use the Ryman Hanger set. These are supplied with Spring Keepers which will prevent anyone from removing the artwork whilst the keepers are in place. It is difficult to remove the keepers without the individual bringing attention to their actions. This level of security is appropriate to the vast majority of artworks on display and is by far our most popular solution. We recommend the use of our specially-designed to remove the Spring Keepers.

For the highest level of security we suggest our Ryman Hanger Security set. The Security Spring Keeper included in this set is easily inserted which then ‘locks’ the artwork in place. The Security Spring Keeper can only be removed by using our Ryman Security Key. We are the only company to manufacture these and each one is carefully numbered and its owner listed.
Please note: if you are purchasing a High Security Ryman Set for the first time, you will need to purchase the Ryman Security Key in order to remove the Security Spring Keepers.

Dimensions And Finish

The Ryman Hanger is made of stainless steel so will be safe on your artwork and provide for many years of service. The Spring Keeper has a dulled ‘bronze’ finish that ensures it sits unobtrusively in the shadows behind the picture. The small Ryman Hanger measures 55mm x 11mm, the large Ryman Hanger 85mm x 16mm and the extended Ryman Hanger 105mm x 16mm.

Useful Tips And Guidelines

In addition to fixing works discreetly to the wall, the Ryman can be used with any of our track systems. When used in conjunction with our storage hooks, artworks can be hung on a wide range of screens and storage facilities.

A pair of Ryman Hangers is required per artwork, so they are all sold in pairs. All that is required to use the Ryman Hanger are screws to suit your particular artwork. We recommend panhead wood screws, as these provide a clean smooth finish, but if these are not available then countersunk wood screws will work.

For Small Ryman Hangers you will require 3.5mm diameter wood screws at a length to suit your artwork.

For Large and Extended Ryman Hangers you will require 4mm diameter wood screws at a length to suit your artwork.

All of our Ryman components can be purchased as separate elements if required.

What’s included

2 x Ryman Hanger Plates
2 x Keepers (with Secure and High Security versions only)

You may also require:
Wall Fixings - the screw length needs to suit your artwork
Ryman Security Key - required when purchasing the Ryman High Security Set


Download the installation instructions below or for any questions contact our support team on:

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Ryman Hanger

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