Panel Clips

Panel Clips are a simple and effective solution for hanging artwork on an accessible panel without marking the surface.

Panel Clips

Drill-Free Hanging

Panel Clips are for those installations where the wall surface is a panelled installation with an accessible top edge and you do not want to mark the surface. As the name suggests, they clip over the top of the panel and provide a fixing point for one of our suspension systems. If you are purchasing Panel Clips for the first time, you will probably want to purchase a Panel Clip Hanging Set which includes a pair of panel clips, hanging lengths, top blocks and fixings.

Price: £18.00 (Excl. VAT)

Strong, Cushioned Support

The stainless steel clips have a neoprene pad on the inner surface that sits on the panel preventing sideways slip and cushioning the load. Panel Clips will support artworks up to 50kg in weight.

Dimensions and Finish

The Panel Clips have an internal mouth of 20mm designed to fit a 19mm veneered panel. They are 45mm high and made of matt grey stainless steel with a broad back and narrow (15mm) visible front that can easily be painted to match your décor.

Useful Tips and Guidelines

If you are planning to use these in a high traffic area like a main corridor, then it is worth considering the potential for coat or ‘bag brush’. If this is likely, then you may want to consider hanging the artworks at a height that avoids this or use stainless steel rods which provide a more rigid installation.

What’s included

2 x Stainless Steel Panel Clips

What you also need: Hanging Rods or Sets


Download the installation instructions below or for any questions contact our support team on:

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Panel Clips

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