Hanging Sets

Our Hanging Sets are designed to complement our Hanging Track and Panel Clips to offer the perfect hanging solution for your space.

Hanging Sets in a Museum

Your Hanging Set Options

Our track Hanging Sets include a pair of hanging lengths, top blocks and fixings - Panel Clip hanging set also include two Panel Clips. You will need one set per work and can choose either a barrel for use with a Ryman Hanger or a hook if your work will be hung with a wire. All accessories can also be purchased separately should you wish to hang more than one work per hanging length set.

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Price: £23.00 (Excl. VAT)

Key Features of the Hanging Sets

  • Choice of finish to suit your walls
  • Choice of tolerances up to 400kg to suit the size of artwork
  • Standard hanging lengths of 1.5m and 2.5m
  • Custom hanging lengths can be made to order
  • All accessories can be purchased separately for hanging extra artworks

Rod, Cable or Cord

Our modular systems mean you can choose the exact hanging system to suit your wall.

  • Stainless Steel Rod provides the most rigid installation, can be supplied in silver or white and will support artworks to 250kg. For loads up to 400kg please contact the Sales Team for guidance.
  • Stainless Steel Cable will provide the strongest flexible cable system and support artworks up to 50kg.
  • Perlon Cord is semi-transparent and blends with most surfaces and is the best choice for a discreet installation. Will support artworks up to 25kg.

Connect With Your Art

Choose a Ryman Barrel (right in this illustration) for connecting to the Ryman Plate on the back of the artwork. If your artwork has a cord at the back, then choose a Hook Barrel for hanging your artwork (left for cord/cable or centre for rod).

As you can see, the Ryman Barrel (right in this illustration) has only one screw. However, it is supplied with two screws: one for Small Ryman Plates and one for Large/Extended Ryman Plates. Whichever size Ryman Plate you are using, you must remove the other screw and disregard it, in order for the Ryman Barrel to work.

Other Options

We are also able to offer each Hanging Set component individually, should you wish to hang more than one piece of artwork per Hanging Set. These components are sold in pairs. Please visit the Hanging Components page if you require any of these items.

What’s included

2 x Top Blocks
2 x Hanging Lengths
2 x Barrels
2 x Panel Clips (Panel Clip hanging set only)

You may also require: Hanging Track


Download the installation instructions below or for any questions contact our support team on:

01769 572389


Hanging Sets

Bespoke Solutions.

Because we manufacture all of our own products, we can tailor them to your exact requirements.

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