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Find the latest information from Absolute relating to COVID-19 using the links in this article.

Our thoughts are with all those affected

Above all else, our thoughts are with those directly affected by the virus, especially those who are sick or who have suffered loss. We wish all those currently ill a quick recovery and would like to thank the incredible efforts of those on the front lines.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all who have been affected by this momentous global event, we are facing uncertainty that many of us have never before experienced. We would like to offer our sincerest thoughts to those who have been directly affected by the virus, and especially to those who are currently ill. We would also like to voice our great respect and thanks to the NHS staff and all those who are on the front line trying to control this virus and nursing those who are suffering from the effects of it.


At times like these we all need to pull together, support each other and do what's best for the health of ourselves and those around us.


As a small business, we completely understand the strain that everyone is feeling at this time, and we want our clients to know that we are hear for you in every way we possibly can be, and likewise, we tremendously appreciate any support we receive in return.

We will be providing up-to-date information about the operational status of Absolute and any factors that may impact our clients on our dedicated COVID-19 web page. Please refer to this page for our most current information. 

What are we doing?


We are constantly monitoring the situation, including the latest government advice and adapting our operational practices in line with this, re-assessing daily. The health and welfare of our team is our top priority.


We are currently working remotely and so are available to take orders and discuss projects, however, we have suspended shipping as of 26.03.2020. Please click here to visit our dedicated COVID-19 updates page. This page will always have our most current information displayed.

How can we support you?


We would like to offer our clients the steadfast reassurance that we will do everything in our power to support you through this challenging time.


With that in mind what we want and need to know is what is it that we can do to help you and your business or organisation? How can we assist?


We ask this question in an open minded and broad ranging way. Can we help by championing you on social media in some way? Do you have an interesting story that you or we can write about your organisation and publish here on our website hub? Or perhaps logistically, is there any way we can alter our supply or logistics to better serve you?


If you have any thoughts then please do get in touch with us, we would love to hear your ideas or discuss your needs further.

How can you support us?


As a small business, we have been designing and manufacturing products for over 30 years. Over time we have experienced ups and downs as all businesses do, but the sudden and severe nature of this pandemic, economically, is such that we need the support of our clients more so now than ever before.


As part of our manufacturing of products we also provide business for many other local manufacturers, all of whom will be equally feeling the effects of the current climate and that we want to keep providing business for as much as we can.


To enable us to continue creating products that enhance and improve spaces and environments for our clients, we need you to keep supporting us in any way you can. We have outlined a few key ways below:

  • If you can, keep please ordering from us.
  •  If you can’t order now, keep us in the loop with upcoming and future projects, so we can plan the best solutions for you for those projects.
  • Be social with us. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, and like, comment on or share our posts. Doing this improves our visibility to other potential clients, too.
  • Recommend us to your peers. If you have any colleagues or peers working in other organisations that might be able to use our services, we would greatly appreciate your recommendation.
  • Send us a review, comment or testimonial, that we can publish on our website. This will help potential new clients when making their decision to purchase from us.
  •  Write a guest article for our hub blog. IF you are a curator with a virtual tour, for example, then let us know, write a short article and send it to us, and we can add this to our blog and share it on our social media!
  • Take photos of our products in use at your museum, gallery or other business and send them to us, or even better, share them on your social media and tag us in them.  


If you can do any of the above, then we will greatly appreciate your efforts and support and are keen to repay that support in any way we can too.


For now, please, be safe, look out for those around you and we hope this situation will begin to come to a close swiftly. 



Best wishes

Sam Sprague


Managing Director

Absolute Museum and Gallery Products Ltd

Please use the button below to visit our COVID-19 updates page, which displays our most up-to-date information at all times.