Q Barrier Signage Adaptor

Our Signage Plate Adaptors are designed to replace a Q Barrier Cap and provide a robust display for information or directional signage. The connectors are available in either 60° or vertical formats. Once in place, you can add one of our Signage Plates, A4 or A3, and these can be changed between portrait or landscape orientation as required.

These Signage Adaptors can be fitted to any upright from our Barrier Direction range, are manufactured from stainless steel and are available in three versions.

Q Barrier Signage Adaptor
Price: £48.00

Useful Tips and Guidelines

We recommend replacing the Q Barrier cap with the Signage Plate connector before adding the signage as this makes it slightly easier to handle.

If fitting a Signage Plate connector to either a Floor Socket Q Barrier or Surface Mounted Q Barrier, we recommend attaching it prior to the initial installation to ensure the best alignment of the display.

This Adaptor has been designed to work only with our Q Barriers. If you require a Signage Adaptor for the Freestanding Barrier, please visit the Barrier Signage Adaptor page.


If you have any questions regarding this product please contact our support team on:

01769 572389

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