400mm & 1000mm Barrier Signage Adaptor

The Barrier Signage Adaptor is an excellent way to display information close to artwork in a discreet and accessible manner. It is designed to fit our Freestanding Barriers and provides a fixing point for any of our Label Holders (with the exception of 50mm x 100mm).

400mm & 1000mm Barrier Signage Adaptor

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Price: £40.00 (Excl. VAT)

Useful Tips and Guidelines

The 45° Adaptor is for 400mm Freestanding Barriers, the 60° Adaptor is for 1000mm Freestanding Barriers.

This Adaptor has been designed to work only with our low height barriers. If you require a Signage Adaptor for the Q Barrier, please visit the Q Barrier Signage Adaptor page.

When choosing the size of Label Holder to work with the Signage Adaptor, be sure that it is large enough to allow the information to be read easily without stooping.

The Barrier Signage Adaptor is produced in stainless steel and has slots that allow it to be used at any point on a run of barriers without interrupting the cord.

Secure the Label Holder of your choice using the VHB tape provided with the 45° Adaptor, or the grub screw provided with the 60° Adaptor.

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